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The latter years. Monumental projects

Driven by the ideal of an art for all at the end of his life, Léger took up a wide array of monumental projects for sacred art commissions (Assy Chapel, Sacré-Cœur Church in Audincourt) or public institutions (Caracas University, UN headquarters in New York).
Fundamentally optimistic, his series like The Great Parade and The Outing evoke the world of leisure and social progress. 1950 saw the creation of the Builders series, in the run-up to which Léger did a great many studies. His album Circus was published by Tériade at this time. In 1949, Fernand Léger made regular trips down to Biot (Alpes-Maritimes) to work with the Brice studio on polychrome ceramic sculptures.
The painter died on 17th August 1955 in Gif‑sur-Yvette.
In 1960, Nadia Léger, his widow, and Georges Bauquier, his assistant, inaugurated the National Fernand Léger Museum on the land below Biot village that the artist had bought just before his death.